Botticino DOC

Botticino DOC | Botticino DOC is a red wine obtained with Barbera grapes (minimum 30%), Marzemino grapes (minimum 20%),


Sangiovese (minimum 10%), Schiava Gentile Media e Grigia (minimum 10%). Each and every grape has a precise function: Barbera grapes gives structure to the wine; the Marzemini – which is a local type of grape – conveys color; the Sangiovese softens the taste and gives elegance to the aroma; the Schiava grape conveys a touch of essential freshness. The strong ruby color is bright, with garnet reflexes. The perfume is ethereal, full and smooth, distinctly winy. It gains preciousness thanks to a sound aging. This wine is tannic, warm and full on the palate. The minimum total alcoholic content is 12%. The Botticino DOC should be served room-temperature and mixes up well with elaborated and very savory meat dishes: from pork to game. Particularly good for breaks, accompanied by seasoned and tasty cheese flakes.

Botticino DOC Riserva | This is a Botticino DOC produced using the best grapes of the most ancient vineyard, with the best sun exposure. A rich and structured wine, aged for at least two years and apt to be consumed in the medium-long period. Served room-temperature can be accompanied to meat on a spit, savory meat dishes and high quality cheeses.