Holiday itineraries

The itineraries here exemplified have the ambition to offer not only the opportunity to taste very good wines and excellent food, but they also give the chance to the visitor to know and appreciate the origins of our wine and cuisine taste, so deeply rooted to our area that is marsh

vigneti dei colli longobardiand gentle at the same time.

These itineraries allow the visitors to get closer to the extraordinary beauties of Lombard remains, to catch the recent traces left on the ground and on the landscape by our people hard work, to know and appreciate –through meeting with highly prepared practitioner –how much knowledge there is in a traditional dish and how much elegance and sensibility is contained in a floral composition.

Tastes and knowledge that are made precious by the generous ability of our members, with their a little bit shy kindness, not keen to ceremonies, when they present to you a good dish and a glass of wine, they immediately create that sense of well-being one feels only among friends.

Our proposals:

General conditions

tesori di brescia

Holiday contracts are regulated by Law n.1084 (27th December 1977) of ratification and implementation of International Convention, concerning the Holiday Contract (CCV), signed in Bruxelles on 23rd April 1970.

Responsibilities of the journey cannot overstep, in no case, limits expected by the law mentioned above. When you book, holiday contract will be given to group leader according to laws in force.

All the prices are per person and are calculated on the basis of at least 15 people.

On customers demand we offer:

tours in other museums present in the project “Route of Wine”: Santa Giulia Museum, Museum of Woman and Children, Museum of Wine

-buses with drivers all day long

-tours in more cellars
-extension of your stay

-possibility for children and groups of more than 15 people to participate, possibility for CRAL and pupils to participate

Technical Organization
CTS – Youth Point I Viaggi dei Giovani – Licence n. 1524 of 22nd June 1999

piatti longobardi

Registration CCIAA of Brescia 7499-1999

For info and reservations:
CTS – Youth Point I Viaggi dei Giovani

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