Rewards to NOVENTA, bio-winemakers in Botticino

Rewards to NOVENTA, bio-winemakers in Botticino

News from Associated Companies to Route of Wines, Hills of Longobards- January 2015
Attached some of the rewards that NOVENTA bio-winemakers in Botticino reached on major guides in this branch.


Pierangelo Noventa and his family for years have been held high the name of this little lombard company, in particular from Brescia. A company that is situated in a small valley and on high hill at the foot of Pre-Alps Retiche.
Botticino (its name hides a prophesy) is famous for its prestigious marble, but red wine produced by vineyards exposed to the South and “stroked” by winds, and by Sangiovese, Barbera, Marzemino, Schiava Gentile grapes, has a particular nature and distinction.
Noventas cultivate their vineyards with a biological regime. 2010 offered us 3 types of Botticino, as always wine made for “cru”. Gobbio, that takes its name from the hill with the same name, arrived to our sections.
From grapes blasted in wood cases, it is dark ruby red-colored with shades of maroon and a smell with scents of spices, chocolate and mixed berries. The taste has a forceful but agreeable structure.
Also other labels are very good.

It is the great passion for his own job and for his country, Botticino, that leads Pierangelo Noventa in the realization of amazing wines.

Work in the countryside is very low environmental impact and this, with a typically Mediterranean microclimate, leads the production toward high quality.Recensioni2015_NOVENTA 02

Gobbio, big “Corona”, grows in white soils and is obtained from Barbera and Sangiovese grapes. Well-structured, full-bodied and elegant, it is a wine for important dishes.
It is also very good the “colle degli Ulivi”, wine for meal, obtained from Barbera and Sangiovese grapes. Pià de la Tesa is a bit farther down, from “marnosi” soils and obtained with a later harvest.

LIFE: Noventas are guardians of a territory in which viticulture is vanishing, “here there is the possibility of making good wine, Botticino has been one of the first DOC in Italy”, Pierangelo tells. His daughter Alessandra helps him in the vineyard and in the cellar. Between the originalities of this year we includes the plantation of Invernenga, vine variety of Brescia with white berry almost extinct, and the first bio-wine.

Recensioni2015_NOVENTA 01

VINEYARDS: Vineyards, situated on marl-calcareous soils, are about 450 meters above sea level, surrounded by forests and with substantial slopes. Microclimate in Botticino is perfect for viticulture, in the second half of October we harvest the grapes, when grapes have reached total ripeness: “this climate let us do long macerations”, Alessandra tells. You have to see Gobbio, a secular nice vineyard cultivated a pergola
WINES: “it is not Merlot, not Cabernet: it is Botticino!”. We think that Pierangelo’s motto is very incisive, he is proud of cultivating only vineyards from local tradition: Barbera, Sangiovese, Marzemino, Schiava Gentile, present in different proportions in all the vineyards that give name to Noventa’s wines.
We particularly love Pià de la Tesa 2010 that balance full-body with delicateness and elegance.
Also Gobbio 2010 is successful with a little percentage of blasted grapes: it is a full-bodied, well provided and suitable for ageing wine.

Colle degli Ulivi 2010 has an important alcoholic strength, but it mantains its delicateness.

Cà del Roccolo 2012 is valiant.

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