Palace Novello

Via Tito Speri, 17‎
25018 Montichiari, Brescia, Italia
Tel: +39 030 9650907

Palace Novello is situated in a position near Verona, Brescia, Cremona and Mantova, only 20 minutes from Lake Garda, between motorway exit A4 Brescia east and Desenzano del Garda (BS). There is car park. It wants to be an ideal starting point for routes touristic, cultural, wine and food and guided tour for Lake Garda, Verona, Mantova, Bergamo and Cremona.

PALACE NOVELLO: a precious jewel in the heart of Montichiari
Dear Guests,
You are at this moment in the historic hamlet of Borgosotto, known for the presence of buildings from seventeenth and eighteenth century, characterized by gardens and orchards, near the hill of S. Pancrazio.
More precisely, you are in one of the oldest and most prestigious homes in this area: Palazzo Pilati, now Palazzo Novello.
Originally a modest lodging, in the first half of the seventeenth century, it has been then gradually transformed into a noble residence, in the course of the next century, by the Guerrini family and later by Pilati family.
Pilati family, documented in Montichiari also with a seal with its coat of arms (in heraldry a golden lily on a blue field between two silver rakes), continued with the development of the building, which appears externally with a long and severe elevation .The cozy garden is the link between the exterior and the no less striking interior, which will most affect you as you approach the environment that hosts the grand staircase.
This staircase is attributed to the architect G. Turbini from Brescia. It is embellished with stucco pilasters with capitals and a wooden ceiling, and it is focused on the central flight of steps bordered by an elegant balustrade of stone columns, leading to the base of a large fresco depicting the struggle of Hercules with the Nemean lion.
Looking up, you can now enjoy the fresco, very well preserved, in which an old and tired Hercules, supported by a winged figure, and without his legendary club is received from Jupiter in the Olympus.
On the main floor you will also have the opportunity to visit the Hall of Honor with its remains of frescoes, delimited by a faux marble base and candelabra.
Small historical hint: it housed in the Risorgimento hero Tito Speri from Brescia, invited by his mentor Giuseppe Pilati. He was one of the protagionists.
You are in a treasure chest of art and history, a union that serves as a premise for a stay of relaxation and culture.