The Marble Museum in Botticino

Planned and created by the volunteers of the Group La Pietra di Botticino, with the contribution of the Municipality of Botticino, the museum was inaugurated on 22nd December 1996 and is dedicated to all the persons who worked and are still working in the marble field, in the quarry. The Museum is divided into five sections, corresponding to the marble transformation phases:extraction, working, quarry museum, transportation, manufactures.In the rooms the visitor will find quarry photographs, laboratories and works obtained with this Botticino marble; the tools used for extractions and the stone working techniques used in the past; samples of different kinds of marbles and granites coming from all over the world; mineral stones, a capital still in working progress and other sculptures; manufactures, such as stones, bearing the signs of the working activity, according to ancient excavation techniques. It is particularly interesting the stone cutting technique with an helical flex.

The Marble Museum of Botticino | Botticino Mattina (Bs), Via Cave, 74
tel. 030.2197460.
Ecomuseum of marble of Botticino | Prevalle (Bs), Via Morani, 11

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