Scarpari Felice Winery


Via Tito Speri, 149/151 – Botticino Sera

Tel. e Fax 030.2691285

Opened from Monday to Saturday: 8,00-12,00 / 14,00-19,00
Parking lots: 20 for cars e 2 for buses

Scarpari family was an historic family, winemakers and wine-producers in Botticino. From three descents we produce wine, promising quality and genuineness. It is showed by lots of gold medal and national contests. Wine-production and ageing happen following ancient family tradition standards, instead of bottling that is done using automatic machinery.


Along the rock hills in the East of Brescia, well-known for extraction of fine marbles, on a clay-chalky and marble soil and in a particular zone protected by a mild and favorable climate, vineyards take their original organoleptic characteristics.

Vine Variety

The choice of vine variety, approved by the policy document of 1968 and by later alterations, imposes the plantation of Barbera, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Schiava Gentile grapes.

Our Botticino DOC

According to the classical procedures of wine-making, Barbera, Schiava Gentile, Marzemino and Sangiovese grapes stay, for a long period, on must in fermentation with a finale result of an important and full-bodied wine. In vintages particularly favorable is allowed the production of “Botticino Reserve”. Our company prefers quality and not quantity, this is the reason why the company produces about 20000/30000 bottles every year, divided in 4 types:

Botticino Doc “Traditional”
Botticino Doc “Autumn Pleasures” harmonious

Botticino Doc “Cantinì” ageing in barrels of oak di Slavonia
Botticino Reserve, superior Botticino with yield very low and aged at least 2 years
Botticino Reserve of Annullo, Botticino selected in very scarce quantity

Organoleptic characteristics

Character intensity discerns organoleptic value of this wine: ruby-red, underlined by ageing, passing through a highlighted unwordly winy smell, until you taste the full-bodied flavour, even after the ageing in barrels that intensify its full-bodiedness.


Wine for everything, meal, above all suitable for roast, wild game and typical cold cut. You have to serve it in a big glass (called “tulipano”), ideal temperature between 18° and 20°C.