Santa Giulia Museum

Thanks to the public opening of the Santa Giulia Museum complex, one of the most important Italian cultural events in 1999,

Brescia has finally become again the attraction point for art and history lovers. The Santa Giulia Monastery was built in 753 AD thanks to Desiderio, king of the Lombards, in an area previously occupied by the great roman domus.

The many enlargements and reconstructions taken on during many centuries, in particular in the age of the city states (Twelfth Century) and in the late Fifteenth Century, have moulded the complex, around three cloisters, in the form we still admire today. The buildings house the City Museum on a surface of 12.000 Square metres, with over 11.000 exhibits leading the visitor from the prehistoric age to the Venetian age, passing through the Roman, the Lombard and the Carolingian ages, the state city and the seignior ages. The museum rooms integrates and mix with the churches of S. Giulia, S. Salvatore and S. Maria in Solario where the visitors can admire, in particular, the famous “Desiderio’s Cross”, which shows us all the fascination of Lombard civilization, a people who found in Brescia one of its historical capitals. The visit of Santa Giulia should be completed with the visit of the other extraordinary civic museums in the city: the Weapon Museum, the civic Gallery and the Risorgimento museum, with a very rich collection of historical pieces.

Entrance: via Musei, 81/b

Opening hours:

9,30 am – 5,30 pm (1st Oct/16th Jul) – Closed on Monday –  10,00 am – 8,00 pm / Wednesday


10,00 am – 10,00 pm (17th Jul/30th Sep) – Closed on Monday.


Infopoint Center: Largo Formentone,

Piazza della Loggia 13/b

25121 Brescia – Ph. + 39 030

2400357 – fax + 39 030 3773773