Our collection of recipes

Our land, uneven land and generous at the same time, produces good things, but a little wild.
Different, but inevitably close to the sumptuous preparations of Mantua and Verona, cooking of Brescia produced essential dishes, developed from raw materials, through which you can read a piece of our history and geography.
Based on this awareness, we wanted to entrust to some great experts the ability to recover possible combinations of taste and flavor that give us the products of Brescia, and, in particular, of those plots that have been spared by the culinary heat of recent years.
A “philological” recovery of the culinary tradition of Brescia, that must inevitably take into account the evolution of taste, and we hope that it will give us pleasant surprises .
Recipes, that we bunched up here, are the result of research and testing of a group of chefs of CAST Alimenti, Center of Art, Science and Technology of food and each recipe is proposed and combined with local wines, of course: convergent elements that restore a vivid perception of this plot of land in Lombardy.
Enjoy the recipes.
In 2003, the “Route of Wine” began the preparation of a Collection of Recipes that, organized as a catalogue, has been gradually completed and expanded over the years, on the occasion of events and meetings.
We make available a PDF version of recipes realized until now and technical files of the wine produced in our territory . We invite you to check this page in the future, to download the other files soon available.
Collection of Recipes by Route of Wine Hills of the Longobards