Mazzucchelli Museums

The Mazzucchelli Museums, managed by the Giacomini Meo Fiorot foundation (established 1996), is a group of museums composed by the Museum of fashion and costumes, with over 5.000 pieces dating back from the half of the Eighteenth Century and covering a range of years until the birth of High Fashion in the Twentieth Century; by the Wine and corkscrew museum, sampling one of the largest and more versatile world collections of vintage corkscrews (over 2300 pieces); and by the Museum House Giammaria Mazzucchelli, where the visitor can admire objects and furniture of the Nineteenth Century, among which a rare example of concert grand piano, which belonged to Arturo Benedetti  Michelangeli (Brescia 1920-Lugano 1995), signed by the musician inside the sound-box.

The Location: The Mazzucchelli Museums are located in the beautiful western side of Villa Mazzucchelli.
The scenic pronaos, unique in all Lombardy, is evidently a reference to Palladio’s architecture and was built using 6 columns coming from the ancient church of San Pietro de Dom (destroyed to build up the new Cathedral in Brescia).
Services Mazzucchelli Museums offer all the necessary services to guarantee a complete cultural proposal.

Musei Mazzucchelli | Ciliverghe di Mazzano (Bs), Via Giammaria Mazzucchelli

– tel. 030.2124211 – fax 030.2120603 –

Guided tours: booking necessary for groups of maximum 25 people that speak italian or english.

Opening times: every day 9,00-18,00.