IGT Ronchi of Brescia

IGT Ronchi di Brescia | The region of the production of the grapes from which we obtain wines and musts designated to be labeled IGT “Ronchi di Brescia” includes the entire territory of the following municipalities: Brescia, Botticino, Cellatica, Rezzato, Nuvolera, Nuvolento, Concesio,


Collebeato, Villa Carcina, Bovezzo, Nave, Caino in Brescia province. The IGT “I Ronchi di Brescia” is limited to the following wines: white, sparkling white, white passito, red, novello red. The white wines IGT “Ronchi di Brescia” are obtained with grapes coming from vineyards composed by one or more of the following white fruit varieties, singularly or together: Chardonnay, Invernenga, Pinot bianco, Trebbiano di Soave, Trebbiano toscano. Sometimes the production of musts and wines above mentioned can be obtained by adding, singularly or mixed, the grapes with similar color apt to be cultivated in Region Lombardy up to a maximum of 15%. The red wines IGT “Ronchi di Brescia” are obtained from grapes composed by vineyards including one or more of the following red berry vineyards, singularly or together: Marzemino, Barbera, Schiava, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Incrocio Terzi n. 1. Sometimes the production of musts and wines above mentioned can be obtained by adding, singularly or mixed, the grapes with similar color apt to be cultivated in Region Lombardy up to a maximum of 15%.

IGT Ronchi di Brescia white wine: Pale yellow color with greenish reflexes, delicate perfume with slight aromatic hints and full and broad taste, with a slight final almond aroma. The total minimum alcohol content is 12,5 %. This wine should be served at a temperature from 12 to 13 degrees and it is particularly apt to accompany aperitifs or appetizers, but also lake fish dishes or white meat.
IGT Ronchi di Brescia red wine: The color is ruby red with purplish reflexes. The perfume is intense, with a broad bouquet in which the violet dominates. The taste is fresh, with plum aroma, velvety and with a slightly acid note. The total minimum alcoholic content is 12%. This wine should be served room temperature and matches well salami cold cuts, cheesed and grilled meat.