IGT Montenetto

The IGT Montenetto di Brescia is a variety of wines obtained with grapes cultivated in the region of the municipalities of Capriano del Colle,vign49 Poncarale, Flero and Castenedono. The white wines with the typical geographic label “Montenetto di Brescia” are obtained from grapes coming from Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Trebbiano vineyards. The red wines with the typical geographic indication “Montenetto di Brescia” are obtained from grapes coming from Marzemino, Barbera, Cabernet, Merlot and Sangiovese grapes. In the production may be included in single or in mixed quantity, white or red fruit varietal apt to be cultivated in Region Lombardy up to a maximum of 15%.

Cabernet IGT Montenetto di Brescia: This wine is produced with Cabernet grapes in single varietal wine production. The color is ruby red with just hinted purplish notes. By smelling it the perfumes of cinnamon and pepper can be recognized. The taste is persistent and intense, tannic as in every wine produced with Cabernet grapes. It is this last characteristic which gives it a guaranteed longevity. The Cabernet IGT Montenetto di Brescia should be served at a temperature of 10-12 degrees and matches well with first courses and red meat or game second courses, it is very good with cheeses as well.
Merlot IGT Montenetto di Brescia: This wine evokes cherry, sour cherry jam and syrup aroma. On the palate stands out the typical tannic taste of the Merlot, pleasant in the general strong quality of the wine. The Merlot IGT Montenetto di Brescia should be served at a temperaturefrom 10 to 12 Degrees and it is particularly apt to be served with first courses, red meat or game second courses and savory cheeses.

Chardonnay IGT Montenetto di Brescia: The perfume is intense and genuine. On the palate stands out its good structure. It is fresh, elegant
and tasty. The Chardonnay IGT Montenetto of Brescia is a very good appetizer’s wine, good with first courses, fish dishes and white meat second courses. It should be served at a temperature between 10 and 12 degrees.

Marzemino IGT Montenetto di Brescia: The color is reddish purple, with strong purple nuances. The aroma of this wine expresses the tastes of red fruit when it is young, but after one year of aging we clearly distinguish the perfumes of coffee, chocolate, red fruit jam and tar: these traits unite the Marzemino IGT Montenetto Brescia to the best red wines. This wine matches well with red meat dishes, game and cheeses.