Grape varieties

BARBERA | Black fruit grape, probably originating from Monferrato region. It adapted well to the Lombard Hills and is particularly appreciated for its constant production.

INCROCIO TERZI | Black fruit grape, obtained by Riccardo Terzi from a combination of Barbera and Cabernet Franc.vitigni

MARZEMINO | Known also with the names Marsemì or Barsemi, it is a grape from the Bassano and the Vicenza areas and had a great diffusion in Friuli, Emilia and Lombardy. Nowadays the cultivation of this black fruit grape is limited than in the past because it has been substituted by grapes such as Barbera, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

MERLOT | It is also called Merlutì because its small grapes. It is a black fruit grape much diffused in Lombardy after the Second World War.

SANGIOVESE | Black fruit grape cultivated in central and northern Italy down to Campania Region. Together with other grape varieties it gives its contribution to the production of the best Italian red wines. The quality of the wines produced with this grape is proportional to the vast quantity of subvarieties coming from it.

SCHIAVA GENTILE | Black fruit grape which, according to its name, probably has Slavonic origins. On the contrary some believe that its name originates from the state of slavery of this grape in reference to its necessity to be originally dependent from a tutor tree.

TREBBIANO LUGANA | White fruit grape deriving its name from the cultivation and selection area. In the territory of the Lombard Hills it is used in the production of the Capriano del Colle Trebbiano DOC.