On the mark of Badessa Anselperga

The beating  heart of the old Brescia will be the start of this indefeasible right itinerary.

from the old centre up to hills that hugging the city, go across the widest vineyard of Europe, to go on the Mombiano Valley, extraordinary and the only one. rich of firstling for the people of Brescia. we continue toward Collebeato, the village of the peachs, and along the bycicle path that go along the Mella River. The landscape near sant’Anna Hill, soft and luxuriant in its vegetation, go before the return in the old centre.

[map style=”width: 600px ; height:300px ;” maptype=”ROADMAP” z=”12″ kml=”http://stradadelvinocollideilongobardi.it/wp-content/traks/sulle-orme-della-badessa-anselperga.kml”]

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