Presentation of the route

The Associazione Strada del “Vino Colli dei Longobardi” was born in 2001; it spread out in the territory of Brescia, in an ideal route: it starts from Brescia, passes through Botticino, Rezzato, Mazzano and its hamlet Ciliverghe, Castenedolo, Montichiari, Montirone, Capriano del Colle, Poncarale and Flero, from where you can come back again to Brescia.

The activities of our Association have always involved the life of every commune of the Route, combining and enriching the tourist and gastronomic offer of our municipalities.

The categories are:
Wine companies
Restaurants and Trattoria
Farm holidays
Incoming travel agencies
Butcher and confectioner’s shops, gastronomy
Cooks’ training schools

The presence of companies with excellent products (our wine, honey, salami, pastries); niche productions ( the honey vinegar of Apicoltura del Sampi, for example); the uniqueness of some products (the Flower Museum in Montirone, or the excellence in gastronomic culture of Cast Alimenti); the food’s genuineness in our Trattorie, the warm welcome in our hotels; and then… the collaboration with museums (the famous St. Giulia, or the Marble Museum, the Mazzichelli Museum, less famous but very special); the deep sense of belonging to our Territory, thanks to the collaboration with the municipalities… These are the reasons of our success, and they all combine and give great value to our Tourist Offers. We don’t forget the first vocation of the Strada del Vino, rather we combine it with all the best that our Territory can give…

Tastes, History, Culture, Tourism. Come and discover us!