Winery “San Bernardo”

Botti Luigi and Enrico’s S. S.
Cascina San Bernardo, 30 – Poncarale

Tel. e Fax 030.2640344

Opening times: from Monday to Saturday 8am-12.30am / 1pm-6.30pm
Big car park in the courtyard

Our company is situated in the middle of hill of Monte Netto in Brescia, composed by 2 farmsteads; one is dedicated to production, the other one to sale. The latter in 1400 was a monastery.

We have a big car park and a small church devoted to San Bernardo, opened to all visitors.

The story tells that, in his peregrination, San Bernardo passed in Monte Netto, near Poncarale, where Holy Mary appears. The event, passed on from generation to generation, is represented on a painting, a winged altarpiece, made in 1884 by Antonio Frinzoni, commissioned by nobles Pietro and Giovanni Mazzola, for a refined chapel, situated in one of their properties in Montenetto; it was a chapel later devoted to San Bernardo.

Property and place of worship have been recently bought by the owners of a farm in Poncarale, Enrico and Luigi Botti’s “San Bernardo “, producers since 1942 of Pinot, Trebbiano and Red DOC, who animated by the desire to bring back to the ancient glory what centuries ago was certainly a popular place of worship, they got started, as possible, with brushes and brooms. They commit to restorers the most important recovered pieces, despite strong degradation within the church. Expert hands, then, have looked after those parts.

Ettore and Francesco Botti do not know times and references about the construction of the building: only date is engraved on the bell of the chapel: 1400.

It is only possible to hazard a guess, derivable from the architectural structure of the building, from the portal and other elements that surely art historians could easily decipher. More researches would be desirable.

Bottis also remember that place of worship was used until about thirty years ago and then it was left alone. Bound to affection to the place, as well as many people in the area, they wanted its restoration.


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