Corani’s Winery

CORANI’s Winery 
Via XV Giugno, 194 – 25014 Castenedolo (Brescia)
Wine cellar: Via Bettoni, 27/A – 25014 Castenedolo (Brescia)
Tel 030-2731948
Fax e Tel. 030-2733100
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Winemakers for passion for over 30 years
Corani’s Winery  is a family-run business situated in Castenedolo (BS), where there are morainic hills of Lake Garda.
It was founded in 70s by Corani Brothers, Carlo and Giovanni, with the aim of producing wine for personal consumption.
As time goes by, production improved quantitatively and on a quality level.
Vineyards are extended on about 6 hectares and are included in the policy document of IGT MONTENETTO of BRESCIA.
Variety of grapes cultivated here are: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera, Trebbiano e Chardonnay.
In recent years old vineyards pergola-trained have been renewed with new espalier plantations and combined with the old wine cellar a new productive structure, bigger and more functional.
Winery uses integrated pest control techniques that permit to “fight” harmful insects, limiting the use of chemical products; this is another guarantee for consumers.
The aim is the production of sterling wines that denote local territory and “bresciana” wine-producing tradition.