Restaurant Hotel “la Pina”

Hotel – Restaurant “La Pina”

Via G. Garibaldi, 98 – Rezzato

Tel. 030.2591443 – Fax 030.2591937


Restaurant – Hotel “la Pina” has ancient origins, arose from Mrs Pina’s passion and love for this activity. She was Merlo Giuseppina, was born in Valsabbia in 1897 and built this restaurant giving it her name.

It is easily accessible from all principal streets, it is near Lake Garda and Brescia and Verona (two of the most important cities of art in northern Italy). It offers to all its guests the possibility of having pleasant stays both for tourism and for business.

Rooms have pay-TV (sky), internet, Wi-Fi and safe.

Breakfast is included in the price and it is varied.

We also have a restaurant in which you can taste “bresciano” and national dishes.


You can also eat pizza, made with a dough with slow leavening. It is a special pizza, rich but friable and easy to digest, that you can combine to Paulanet draft beer, Warsteiner or Paulaner hefe-webier in bottle and homebrew from Birrificio 32.

Another way to taste our special pizzas is “giropizza” (at least 4 people): you choose types of pizza you want and then they are cut in 4/6 slices and brought to your table, ready to be tasted.

Pizza you can taste at “La Pina” arises in this way: dough with flour that has a long leavening. This dough has a leavening between 4 and 7 days – this time is necessary to obtain a friable and easy to digest product.

It is important the capacity of the flour to absorb water during the mixture  and to maintain carbon dioxide during leavening (strength of flour).  Dough obtained with a “strong flour” is dry, elastic and not sticky and gives life to voluminous products.

One particular type of pizza is whole pizza “zuccona” with buffalo milk mozzarella, pumpkin and shrimps.

One particular type of flat bread is with ham, raw ham of Parma and burrata.