Noventa’s Winery

Noventa’s Winery

Via Merano, 28 – 25082 Botticino Mattina – Brescia

Tel e Fax 030-2691500

Opened from Monday to Saturday 8,00 – 12,00 / 14,00 – 19,00

Car Park: 30 and big public car park  in the proximity

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Eco-compatibility and attention to the territory

Botticino is situated along the hills from which the well-known marble is obtained: but the etymology of the name, Bottus (barrel), reveals its ancient  wine vocation.

Our company has been working hard for more than forty years to obtain high quality wines, reducing significantly grapes production in our vineyards and sticking to artisan care of yore.

Doing viticulture, for us, means to interpret necessities of plants and soil, without forgetting the history of the territory: new vineyards are raised in Guyot and Cordone Speronato, those with centennial and precious grapevines are raised with the system of Pergola Brescia but trimmed very short to reduce the production.

Favorable climate, typical soils

Climate, cheered by a light breeze that prevents from stagnation of humidity, let us reduce the “fight” against parasites, permitting us to pick the grapes only when grapes is ready and ripe.

Grapevine in Botticino grow up on precious soils, the same from which we obtain the typical well-known marble.

Variability and quality of soils is also expressed by their names: Corna, Medolo, Corso, Gessina, Maiolica. They are sedimentary rocks that were born 200 million years ago. Some of them are calcareous, other are dolomitic or marble: each one makes every vine variety particular and typical.


  • Botticino DOC “Gobbio
  • Botticino DOC from Barbera and Sangiovese grapes and Marzemino and Schiava Gentile grapes (but less quantity), in a plot surrounded by a high hill (450 meters above sea level). The particular and unique structure of this clay-calcareous soil and the amazing position and exposition of the vineyard produce a structured, full-bodied and tasteful wine; withering of little Marzemino and Barbera grapes gives softness and intricacy both at sense of smell and taste.

Shelf life of the finished wine: 24 months in oak barrel

Strenght: 14,5% vol

Combination: Roasts, important and unctuous dishes, but, above all, wine for meditation

  • Botticino DOC “Pià de la Tesa, from Barbera and Sangiovese grapes, and Marzemino and Schiava Gentile grapes (less quantity), is in one plot situated in a hill under Botticino marble quarries. In a marble soil, choice of better bunches and later grape harvest give us a full-bodied wine and with intense and persistent smells.

Shelf life of the finished wine: 24 months in oak barrel

Strenght: 14% vol.

Combination: wild game, roasts, “Bresciana spit”, braised meat.

  • Botticino DOC “Colle degli Ulivi” from Barbera and Sangiovese grapes and Marzemino and Schiava Gentile grapes (less quantity), in one plot situated in hill, in the hamlet “Sera” of Botticino. The particular soil of this hill gives to wine pleasant and unique scents and tastes.

Shelf life of the finished wine: 18 months in oak barrel

Strenght: 13.5% vol.

Combination: table wine, suitable for salmì pasta, red meat, cold cut and important cheese from typical “bresciana” gastronomy

  • Botticino DOC “Cà del Roccolo from Barbera, Sangiovese, Marzemino and Schiava Gentile grapes, the latter in a quantity higher than all our “Botticino” wines. It is produced in a vineyard next to “Pià de la Tesa” plot, in high hill, where the major quantity of Schiava Gentile grapes gives to wine freshness and the fact that it is ready to drink.

Shelf life of the finished wine: 1 year in steel

Strenght: 12,5% vol.

Combination: adaptable wine, suitable for meal, perfect for cheese, cold cut and white meat