Cellar San Michele

Cellar San Michele S.S.
Via Parrocchia, 57 – Capriano del Colle
Tel. e Fax 030.9444091
Person in Charge: Francesco Toninelli
Tel.: 335 6198031
Office: 030 9444091 Fax: 030 9748580
E-mail: info@sanmichelevini.it

Opening times:
– from Monday to Friday 8am-12am / 1pm-5pm
– Saturday: 8am-12am
Summer opening:
– from Monday to Friday: 8am-12am / 1pm-6pm
– Saturday: 8am-12am
For tours and tastings, booking is necessary: 339 1395296

Winery la Maddalena- Cellar San Michele, situated in Capriano del Colle, has been working for more than 40 years in Monte Netto (Brescia), an isolated plateau formed of clay-calcareous soil suitable for the plantation of grapevine.
Microclimate, characterized by a constant flow of air, and the particular form of the soil constitute essential variables in order to consider Monte Netto within areas of high quality wines.
Cellar San Michele works in the branch of Regional Agricultural Park of Monte Netto, which has a territory under full safeguard of environment.
Company, over the years, has constantly increased the surface of vineyards to reach now more than 15 hectares…
Based on historical memory, that shows the presence of a variety of Marzemino (kind of vineyard) in the district of Brescia, and in particular in Monte Netto, Winery San Michele pays attention to the merit of this variety, that all along characterizes the wine produced in its native area.
Work of the illustrious agronomist Agostino Gallo is very important, it had its headquarter in Poncarale in XVI century, that shows the presence of Marzemino in this sector.
This constant passion has been actualized in the production of “Montenetto IGT”; a wine produced by Marzemino grapes that benefits of an increasing popularity between consumers, also at international level.
Marzemino of Capriano is characterized by its intense color with shades of violet.
Palate is mellow, straight and without adding sulfur that other wineries add.
For its production, Winery San Michele is included in the branch of specialized wines:
-DOC “Capriano del Colle”
-IGT “Montenetto”
Four types of Red Wines, two White Wines and a Brut are the business of the production.
Wines DOC:
-Marzemino 40%
-Sangiovese 40%
-Merlot 15%
-Barbera 15%
Description: ruby red with shades of violet. Aroma of red fruit with a scent of herbs. Taste is cool and mellow, full-bodied.
Red Reserve DOC
– Marzemino 40%
– Sangiovese 40%
– Merlot 15%
– Barbera 5%
Description: ruby red, forceful smell of red fruits and spices. On the palate strong tannins and well balanced with a light scent.
White DOC
– Lugana Trebbiano 55%
– Trebbiano di Soave 35%
– Chardonnay 15%
Description: straw yellow, cool aroma and exquisite scent of flowers. Taste is dry, tasty wine and with a particular texture.
IGT Montenetto
Variety: Marzemino 100%
Description: ruby red with shades of violet. Powerful smell of matured red fruits with scent of flowers. It is mellow with an agreeable drink.
IGT Brughiera
Variety: 100% Merlot
Description: intense ruby red, pleasant spicy aroma, good solidity. On the palate it is robust and full with a good alcoholic degree.
IGT Montecorso
Description: straw yellow with shades of green. Forceful and elegant with yellow flesh of the fruit. On the palate it is mellow and agreeable with good persistence.
BRUT: Classic Brut
Variety: 100% Chardonnay
Description: “Pajacon” with shades of golden yellow. Characteristic aroma of crust of bread with scent of honey. Dry taste, favored by a good acidity and structure.

Chamber of Commerce of Asti – 38th contest “Douja D’Or” – Prize Douja D’Or – White DOC 2009 –
Italian Association of Sommelier – not white wines in bottle Contest 2010 – Germany – White DOC 2009 – Chamber of Commerce of Asti – 37th Contest “Douja D’Or” – Prize Douja D’Or – Red DOC 2008 –
Chamber of Commerce of Asti – 37th Contest “Douja D’Or” – Prize Douja D’Or – White DOC 2008 –
Chamber of Commerce of Asti – 36th Contest “Douja D’Or” – Prize Douja D’Or – Red DOC 2007 –
Chamber of Commerce of Asti – 36th Contest “Douja D’Or” – Prize Douja D’Or – White DOC 2007 –
Chamber of Commerce of Asti – 35th Contest “Douja D’Or” – Prize “Douja D’Or” – Red Reserve DOC 2004