Cast Alimenti


Centre of Art, Science and Technology of Food

Via Serenissima, 5 – Brescia

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What is Cast Alimenti?

C.A.S.T. Alimenti, Centre of Art, Science and Technology of food is an institute of education, it was born in 1996. Its main aim is to be a center of excellence for education and specialization of experts that works in the most important branch of food: bar, cooking, ice-cream, gastronomy, bakery, pizzeria, pastry-making. Its fame is stabilized all over the world, it has international customers: from Europe, China, Japan, USA and Brazil.

Cast Alimenti is a part of the project “Route of Wine, Hills of Longobards” because it wants to promote the culture of food, also by valuing the products of its territory.


The structure is arranged on 2000 square meters, with 3000 square meters of car parks. The Centre has 7 lab-classrooms, each one dedicated to a particular “subject”: coffee, bakery, cooking and gastronomy, chocolate, ice-cream, pastry-making and an auditorium for 100 people, with lots of functions and equipped for theoretical and practical demonstrations.

There is also a lab for activities complementary to catering, such as window dressing, confection, intaglio of fruits and vegetables, preparation and presentation of buffets, taste and technology of food. Every lab-classroom has the most advanced and up-to-date tools from a technical point of view for every single specialization. Every lab has been thought to let the “students” understand every single detail in the sequence of food preparation. An office of CAST Alimenti has been operative since 2006 in Diant (Lecce), it is used in southern Italy for educational necessity.


Every year CAST Alimenti proposes about 250 courses divided in base courses, improvers courses and events that has the aim of let gastronomy operators know the most up-to-date acquisitions of the most important people of national and international gastronomy.

Cast Alimenti is the Training Centre of  the “Italian national team of Cooks” and of the Italian teams of bakery, ice-cream, pastry-making that participate to lots of national and international competitions (the “cooking  Olympic games”, the “Bocuse d’Or”, the “Coupe du Monde de la patisserie”, the “World Pastry Team Championship” in the USA, the “World Pastry Championship UIPGC” in Europe, the “World Cup of ice-cream making”, European and World championships of bakery, and so on)

Also, CAST hosts the Italian section of Richemont Club (the most important international bakery organization), the “Italian Academy of Master Pastry Chef”, the “Union of Master Artisan Ice-cream Makers”, the FIC (Italian Federation of Cooks) and the NIC (Italian National Team of Cooks).

Every year, more than 5000 experts come to CAST to participate to the courses, events, meetings with companies for the promotion of products, selections and trainings for national and international contests, and other extra courses. About  1500 students attend classes every year.