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“àcasa gallery ” art gallery
Permanent collection of the painter Virgilio Vecchia and temporary space for exhibitions of international artists.
Via 24 Maggio 1-25020 Poncarale (BS)
Tel: 3409195065
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At the eastern edge of what Agostino Gallo called “pleasant hill” and precisely within the area known as “Castle” is located now Vecchia’s Palace, already Bornati’s.
Bornati family, old, rich and powerful, must have been one of those families to which the bishops, counts of Bagnolo Mella, gave vast feuds in the territory of that big village, which was extended even on near centers of south Porzano and north Poncarale.
There is a document in the chapter catalog of Brescia, dated 12th August 1454, from which results that the Mount of Poncarale (over a thousand foot) had changed its property to Bornatis probably because of an investiture by the Bishop.
The palace is situated on the rock of Poncarale near the Church of San Gervasio and Protasio.
It is surrounded by a park full of trees and behind it there is a vineyard that produces high quality wine: Marzemino, Merlot, Sangiovese, Barbera, Trebbiano, Montepulciano, Schiava, Moscato and it is very interesting the presence of Salvadega (or Lambrusca), a typical and old vineyard in Brescia.
Palace and vineyard are surrounded by a forest of particular naturalistic interest, all inserted in the Park of Monte Netto.
The main block of the present building is dated around the fifteenth century, as shown by the report written by Virgilio Vecchia, who managed the restoration of the palace.
Virgilio Vecchia, well-known painter from Brescia, operating in the first part of 1900, lived and worked for the majority part of his life in Vecchia’s palace in Poncarale, where now you can admire paintings and drawings from Vecchia’s collection and historical documents of cultural and artistic activities in Brescia in 30s.
Inside the building there is the art gallery àcasa gallery: space that hosts permanent collection of Virgilio Vecchia’s works and works of international artists that, each time, are shown, this space is also opened for cultural events, photo shoots, nature trails.
It is easily accessible from the city; it has a nearby big municipal car park.