Amarcord Piadineria

Piadineria Artigianale Via F.lli Ugoni, 16/a


Amarcord is a well-known piadineria opened by brothers Massenza in 1996. It is situated in F. Ugoni’s road, next to Freccia Rossa. Amarcord has crowned as best street food local in Brescia. It is posted both in top ten locals in Lombardy and in top ten piadineria in Italy.
In 2014, the Massenza brothers were awarded in Bruxelles with the three gold stars at Superior Taste Award and won a silver medal at Oscar Bakery World (Mondiale di Panificazione) in London.
They work in the name of artistry and the high quality of raw material characterized by “Made in Italy”. Amarcod is specialized in the artisan production of piadina and “Piada Light”.


After a natural cooling, Piadina is treated with modified Atmosphere Packaging that ensures a 40 days duration. After processing and leaving piadina to stand, the fresh dough is rolled, fill in discs and hand-cooked in a hot plate. The mixture is daily made
with natural ingredients without lactose, raising agents, preservatives or any kind of chemical additives. Amarcord uses the most modern techniques of conservation that maintain the quality of the dough in order to guarantee a fresh and genuine product in order to satisfy every kind of necessity.


Wi-Fi wireless network with ADSL to 20 mega
Entertainment magazine
Radio Monitor HD 16/9 with Dolby Sound system
Surround 5.1
Tailor made piadina
Selected beers, oils and many other typical products marked as IGP, DOP and IGT
Materials recycling (paper, cans, glass, plastic and caps)