Agritourism “La Fioreria”

De Poli F.lli Luigi e Nataliaagriturismo-la-fioriera Via Palazzo, 76/A – Montirone

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It is an innovative project, a way for making our winery an innovation of economy, interest and culture. The company has worked since 1994 in Montirone, in the district of Brescia, in northern Italy and in Europe and has as main aim the reconversion of traditional production in a didactic-cultural agritourism, where nature is “teacher”. Farm holiday activity is for everybody, both people who wants an alternative holiday and people who choose this place to have a situation of study and privileged research: for what concern to farm holiday activity, aesthetic knowledge is an essential component for human wellness because prepares to creativity that is peculiar characteristic of a person

To this project experts participate, who are in charge of different specific branches, different but interconnected, concerning art and human being: artisans, artist, psychologists, educationalists, architects. Everybody cooperate, contributing with their preparation and experience in their specific field of competence, with a common aim: wellness found in the beautiful.

Our proposals are organized in lots of level, and “wellness packages” are created by experts in this field depending on what consumer asks, consumer will be able to use a recreational lab of humanistic ecology. All activities are proposed in their practical aspect in order to be creative and relaxing.

Agritourism “La Fioreria” is perfect because it has hospitality, meeting and shopping.

Our aim is creating wellness through beauty of nature”

This aim is followed though preparatory education of aspirant flower seller-designers and with the proposal of recreational-cultural activities for everyone who wants to experience nature in its aesthetic meaning. For this purpose, didactic labs were created, defined humanistic-ecological, because they permit people to delight of flowers beauty and to start a personal path, followed by experts in this field, toward creativity.


The “flagship” of the Center is represented by EXPOSITION OF FLORAL COMPOSITIONS through which visitor knows the History of Floral Composition. It is the result of passionate research and of the work done in more than 20 years of work and documentation, an exciting moment of meeting with nature of flowers in time and space. It will be possible to visit the exposition that groups the reproduction of floral compositions of which were found tracks through works of art, in the matter of the past, and through lots of international experience in the matter of the present.

It is a “museum” very singular and esteemed, because it proves how man, in history, has always felt the necessity of the pleasure of admiring the “beauty” of nature.