The association

Route of Wine, Hills of Longobards is an association whose legal representative is the President, Luigi Bandera, assisted by the Vice President Andrea Peri, who execute the directions of Managing Board.

It has its operations office at Solaria, cooperative society, in Brescia, via Andrea del Sarto 37, that is also the framework for the realization of events decided by the Organisms of the “Route of Wine”.

References to laws

CEE promoted the constitution of “Route of Wine and of Flavors” within a project of support and development of agriculture, in particular in zones of typical productions. Italian Legislation accepted these communitarian directives and with law 27th July 1999, n.268 “Regulation about Routes of Wine”, defined rules for the creation, on the part of Regions, of food-tourist itineraries called “Routes of Wine”.

Lombardy, with l.r of 7/2/2000 n.7, “Rules for regional interventions in agriculture”, that in art.9 – clause 4 – ordered the stimulation of the realization of tourist itineraries that has wine and food and cultural value, then recognized 8 Lombard Routes of Wine, with decree 2269 of 21/2/2002.

To sum up “Routes of Wine” attend to:

-esteem and promotion, in a tourist sense, of wine and agricultural productions, of food farming activities, of production of wine-and-food specialties and of production of eco-friendly economy;

-esteem of naturalistic, historical, cultural and environmental attractions that are on the Routes.

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