Winery “Cascina Valle”


Via Alpini, 22 – Rezzato

Tel. e Fax 030.2792121 – Cell. 339.6159270

Opening times: from Monday to Saturday 2.30pm-7.30pm

Big car park in the farmstead

Our company:

Cascina Valle” is a family-run business, located in the heart of the district of Brescia, precisely in Rezzato, and produces wines with grapes in their possession. It was born in the first half of 1900. At the beginning, the land owned by grandfather Enrico was in the care of three families of sharecroppers who worked lands cultivating corn, peaches and vines. The farm was, at that time, divided into a stable for animals, housing for the tenants and the owner. In the 50s it was decided to increase the plantation by putting new vines and full production of vines began on a vast area. Also, a cellar was dug into the mount to guarantee the right temperature of wine produced.

In 1968, date in which the Policy Document of DOC was born, a first group of vine variety was planted to produce wine Botticino. In early 70s, winery “Cascina Valle” was founded by brothers Annamaria, Guglielmo and Lucia, all Enrico’s grandchildren; now winery is managed by Lucia. For this occasion the old stable was renovated and converted into a large air-conditioned cellar. In 1973, two main vineyards took shape: Serraglio and Sassarola. The first is located in the foothills underlying Franciscan monastery where production of wine Botticino Doc began, the second, next to the farm, is so named because it is surrounded by ex-marble quarries: here Chardonnay Ig.t. and Marzemino are produced.

Now the company has a planted area of four hectares, cultivated with Barbera, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Schiava Gentile. In 2000, innovative changes to vineyard Serraglio were put to use, it shifted from pergola cultivation to Guyot cultivation.

The processes that take place in vineyards and cellars are carried out by family members, following parameters of integrated production in order to obtain a genuine product for consumers.

The flagship is Botticino doc, but there are also meditation wines, wines of the territory of Brescia and table wines.


– BOTTICINO DOC 2007-75cl 12.5 vol.

– MARZEMINO I.G.T. 2009 – “SUPER lumbard” – 75cl 14 vol.

– RONCHI OF BRESCIA – IGT – CHARDONNAY 2011-75cl 12 vol.

– RONCHI OF BRESCIA – IGT – NOVEAU 2011-75cl 13 vol.

– TABLE WINE – ROSè 2011-75cl 12 vol.