Gastronomy Archè

Gastronomy Arché

Via Europa, 1 – Rezzato

Tel. 030.2793646



In Rezzato a gastronomy new and unique, Arché, was born. It is rich of specialties, takeaway dishes and it offers home delivery service.

Archè is a greek term that means “start”, “beginning” but also “return”. From here the idea to begin a new “path” of taste, of a research modern and aware, without forgetting tradition; returning every time to memories of past tastes, but always present that in their simplicity touch an alert palate.

Archè is a path that gives attention to all the passages: from breakfast with selected coffees, to lunch with natural and polished dishes, to afternoon break with the most sought-after teas and pastries, to evening break with selected distillates,  homebrew beer and biological wines.

Le Bistrot Stop: a new conception of gastronomy, where you can taste savory plat du jour, both in the gastronomy and in summer dehors. Each meal respects necessity of quantity and price and each portion can be substituted by “lunch at weight/pranzo a peso”.

The secret of Archè is always the same: the use of first-rate raw materials, cooked with attention and care that characterize our research, served always with competence and kindness.

Not only for lunch but also for evening happy hour, for a break or a taste, Arché is an irrevocable choice every time.

It is opened from Tuesday to Saturday, from 8 am to 12 pm. On Sunday morning it is opened for takeaway.

On Sunday afternoon and Monday we are closed.