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Fifty years of tradition, lots of passion and competence


Grandpa “Liberì”, sixty years ago, bought and sold livestock for life and to butcher, buying cows, horses and oxen to tame and use them in the work in fields.

From father to son, his sons learnt butchery in mister Danilo Zanardelli’s workshop, he was master butcher, growing up with 3 simple rules: tidiness, high quality of butchered livestock and flawless customer service.

In that times, both rich and less rich people went to the butcher’s workshop: meat was considered to be one of the most prestigious food, and it was well-known in cuts and the way of cooking it.

From generation to generation, tradition continues…

It is not easy being a butcher today, with a tradition so important. Determination, up-to-date knowledge every year and passion do not fall short.

A group of farmer in Valverde cares for provision of livestock, to have naturally raised livestock and without hurry.

The majority of calfs are raised with milk milked from cows in the stable and not with milk powder or other animal feed. Animals are butchered in Liberini’s butcher shop when they are mature and have a good quantity of fat: in this way meat will always have a unique taste.

In our shop we give importance to this food with all classic cuts of butchery, but also with preparations “ready to cook” simple and creative.

From previous generations, butcher work has always meant production of pork, not only for butchery shop, but also production of cold cut, begun 10 years ago and proudly put in the butcher shop.

Pork is butchered in Liberini’s butcher shop to avoid any tension for meat, kneading it with attention to produce cold cut according to typicalness  of Brescia and maturing them in a natural cellar.

Cold cut:

-raw ham from Colle S.Pietro (limited production)

-Culatella from Valverde

-Rezzaola from Valverde

-typical “bresciano” salami

-bacon (hanging, rolled)

-lard with herbs

-aged coppa

-cheek lard from Valverde

And a series of cold cut for pot and other particular products.

Our products

Beef sausage

Obtained from beef and a little part of pork: the particular curing make it more tasty and pleasant for an happy hour!

“Bresciano” salami

It is typical of our territory. It is produced using all the parts of pork. The kind of curing tends to be sweet and we never use preservatives or additive in addition to salpetre.

Lard with herbs from Valverde

Liberini’s lard is chosen in all its parts and is salted for a first time. Later it is cleaned from old salt and preserved again with salt, herbs and spices according to a recipe of Liberinis. We do not use garlic because we do not like it and because we want to diversify our lard from lard of Collonata and lard of Arnad.

Culatella from Valverde

It is obtained from pork thigh and selected in our slaughter house. Cut used is roast of pigtail covered with its fat. It is preserved using salt and a selection of spices.


Its peculiarity is the use of muscular band of front quarter of beef. It results in a pressed shape and with a taste richer than bresaola.