The “Strada del vino dei colli longobardi” is a gastronomic itinerary, which goes through the territory of Brescia. It embraces Brescia, the foothills of the Alps and the south eastern plain territory. Since the past, this area has been having the vocation for the wine production, also as support to the needs of the city, which was ancient Gallic centre, outpost of the Roman civilization and then centre of an important long bard dukedom.

The mark of the “Strada del vino colli dei longobardi” is the weathercock made by a local craftsman to order of the Bishop Ramberto, for the bell tower of St. Faustino’s Church, in Brescia. This mark is kept in the St. Giulia Museum, in the Longobard section. This museum, along with the Pusterla vineyard, is the start point of our travel.